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1934-D Buffalo Nickel 1935-D Buffalo Nickel 1934-D & 1935-D Buffalo Nickels (3) 1934-D & 1935-D Buffalo Nickels (6) 1934-D & 1935-D Buffalo Nickels 1941-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1941-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1942-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1943-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1943-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1944-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1945-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar Walking Liberty Half Mint Marked Special - 7pcs 1890-S Morgan Dollar 1891-S Morgan Dollar 1897-S Morgan Dollar 1890-S, 1891-S & 1897-S Morgan Dollars 2018-P/D/S Lincoln Cents 2018-P/D/S Jefferson Nickels 2018-P/D/S Sacagawea Dollars 2018-P/D/S Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels, & Sacagawea Dollars - 9pcs 2018-S National Parks 5pc Clad Proof Set - No Box (3) 2018-S National Parks 5pc Clad Proof Sets - No Boxes 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent 1910 Lincoln Cent 1911 Lincoln Cent 1912 Lincoln Cent 1913 Lincoln Cent 1914 Lincoln Cent 1915-D Lincoln Cent 1916 Lincoln Cent 1916-S Lincoln Cent 1918-S Lincoln Cent Early Lincoln Cents - 10pcs 1884 Liberty 'V' Nickel 1887 Liberty 'V' Nickel 1888 Liberty 'V' Nickel 1889 Liberty 'V' Nickel 1890 Liberty 'V' Nickel 1891 Liberty 'V' Nickel 1892 Liberty 'V' Nickel 1893 Liberty 'V' Nickel Liberty 'V' Nickel Special - 8pcs
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