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1938-D/S Buffalo Nickel 1943/2 Jefferson War Nickel Overdate 1939-D Jefferson Nickel Choice AU (3) 1939-D Jefferson Nickels Choice AU 1934 Light Motto Washington Quarter 2007 1897 Misplaced Date Indian Cent Sharp XF/AU 1878-S 1979 Near Date S.B.A. (3) 1979 Near Date S.B.A. Coins 1964 Accented Hair Kennedy Half Dollar Proof Gem Proof 1971-S No 1960 SD Proof Set Gem Proof 1970 SD Mint Set Gem Proof 1970 SD Proof Set Gem Proof 1960 Sd Proof Set & 1970 SD Proof & Mint Sets Gem Proof Coin & Currency Sets
Quantity: Skyline Coins