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1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1944 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1945 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1946 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1941 to 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1941-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1942-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1943-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1944-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1945-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1946-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1947-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1941-D to 1947-D Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1941-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1942-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1943-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1944-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1945-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1946-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1941-S to 1946-S Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1948 Franklin Half Dollar 1948-D Franklin Half Dollar 1949 Franklin Half Dollar 1949-D Franklin Half Dollar 1949-S Franklin Half Dollar 1950 Franklin Half Dollar 1950-D Franklin Half Dollar 1951 Franklin Half Dollar 1951-S Franklin Half Dollar 1952 Franklin Half Dollar 1948-P/D, 1949-P/D/S, 1950-P/D, 1951-P/S & 1952 Franklin Half Dollars 1955 Franklin Half Dollar 1956 Franklin Half Dollar 1957 Franklin Half Dollar 1957-D Franklin Half Dollar 1958 Franklin Half Dollar 1958-D Franklin Half Dollar 1959 Franklin Half Dollar 1959-D Franklin Half Dollar 1960 Franklin Half Dollar 1960-D Franklin Half Dollar 1961 Franklin Half Dollar 1961-D Franklin Half Dollar 1962 Franklin Half Dollar 1962-D Franklin Half Dollar 1963 Franklin Half Dollar 1963-D Franklin Half Dollar 1955, 1956, 1957-P/D, 1958-P/D, 1959-P/D, 1960-P/D, 1961-P/D, 1962-P/D & 1963-P/D Franklin Half Dollars 1950 Proof Franklin Half 1951 Proof Franklin Half 1952 Proof Franklin Half 1953 Proof Franklin Half 1954 Proof Franklin Half 1955 Proof Franklin Half 1956 Proof Franklin Half 1957 Proof Franklin Half 1958 Proof Franklin Half 1959 Proof Franklin Half 1960 Proof Franklin Half 1961 Proof Franklin Half 1962 Proof Franklin Half 1963 Proof Franklin Half 1950 to 1963 Proof Franklin Halves 1968-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1969-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1970-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1971-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1972-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1973-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1974-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1976-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1977-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1978-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1979-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1980-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1981-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1982-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1983-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1984-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1985-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1986-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1987-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1988-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1989-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half 1968-S to 1989-S Kennedy Clad Proof Half Dollars 1992-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 1993-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 1994-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 1995-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 1996-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 1997-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 1998-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 1999-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2000-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2001-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2002-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2003-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2004-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2005-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2006-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2007-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2009-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2010-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2011-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 2012-S Kennedy Silver Proof Half 1992-S to 1999-S Kennedy Silver Proof Halves 2000-S to 2009-S Kennedy Silver Proof Halves 2010-S to 2012-S Kennedy Silver Proof Halves
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